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Private Sessions At Your Home
Serving Northern Passaic and Bergen Counties, NJ

Orange and Rockland Counties, NY

Conveniently scheduled, personalized training for your dog and your family at your home




I can help you select the right puppy or dog for your family and lifestyle and help you establish a plan for those first few days when your new pup or dog is in your home.


Start your puppy off right. Let me help you with things like establishing a schedule, proper socialization, house training, basic commands and building a strong foundation so your pup will grow into a well-mannered and socialized adult. We can address things like teaching your pup polite greetings, how to settle quietly in the house and in his crate, what is and is not appropriate to chew, and how to handle puppy biting or mouthing. It's never too early to start your pup off on the road to becoming a wonderful companion. 
This is for pups under 6 months of age.


Basic obedience skills such as sit, lie down, place, stay, come when called, walk on loose leash. Polite manners, sit to greet people, wait at the door, no jumping, impulse control. Fix common behavior problems such as biting/mouthing, destructive chewing, house soiling, counter surfing, jumping up, stealing, excessive barking. Teach your dog to become a wonderful family member.
This is for pups over 6 months of age.


Off leash training, Therapy dog, Scent detection, Agility, Hiking, Swimming, Tricks.


All our training is based on positive reinforcement, and our goal is to help you understand and communicate effectively with your pup or dog.

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